Comment: The problem with political campaigns in general is....

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The problem with political campaigns in general is....

that they are necessarily complicated and multi-disciplinary in nature.

They involve publicity, logistics, psychology, polling, graphic arts, travel and event arrangements, scheduling, recruitment, training, planning, security, grassroots liaison,.... and that doesn't even begin to mention STRATEGY.

Being a libertarian, Dr. Paul's inclination is to let the grassroots run amok in the market place of ideas. The only problem is sometimes they come up with Money Bombs and sometimes they come up with Blimps.
And with campaigns you don't always have time to let the cream rise to the top.
You can't afford to let people waste their precious time, money, and ENTHUSIASM spinning their wheels(or worse) being counterproductive.

Your idea sounds like a good one. But who in the campaign is in charge of listening to, evaluating, filtering, and then ACTING upon good ideas?

I happen to know of one idea that has been proposed to the campaign that is potentially a real game changer. There was some positive feedback, but then....

Some ideas (most actually) have a limited shelf life. And not everything can be handled at the grassroots level.

I know that Ron Paul CAN'T do this alone. He HAS to have a staff that will make good decisions for the campaign. And part of that job is listening to, evaluating, and responding to ideas from the grassroots.

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