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as have I

been in this fight a long time. I realize there is a political strategy, I can assure you. But there are Ron Paul supporters out there who have never been political, never cast a vote, and never heard anything that wasnt a lie. There is such an intense apathy out there among the people. People who have been saying what Dr. Paul has been saying for longer. I grew up among people like this and they all feel completely ignored, betrayed, and hated by a government that has walked on top of them their entire lives. They see Ron Paul as already lost. They know in their heart of hearts that a candidate that thinks and feels the way they do has no chance in today's world. I am saying keep up your strategies, work for the primary, but let's show the downtrodden we are here. We stand beside them like no one ever has and we are strong. It is in that strength we will find the people's support for Ron Paul and an election will not stop us.