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Comment: steps to fight MSM

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steps to fight MSM

1. Turn off Television

2. Do not purchase products that advertise on MSM that contradict your political principles.

3. Order tri-folds, bumper stickers, and signage for Ron Paul 2012.

4. Talk to everyone about Ron Paul.

5. Register Republican and get friends to do so as well, for the primaries.

6. Donate to the campaign.

7. Get trained as an activist at C4L.

8. Participate at your local republican caucus.

9. Become a delegate.

10. Ignore the media.

11. Ignore the media.

12. Ignore the media.

13. When $$$Dollars and Straw Poll Votes and Polls start showing Ron Paul is blasting his competitors, then:

14. Stroke the nice MSM ego and congratulate them for the good coverage.

It is good and effective to write editorials, blogs, responses to media, but ineffective to argue, coax or blast them. Be positive, but don't let them take your focus off of the prizes that will help get Ron elected: MONEY and VOTES.