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I am a delegate ;-)! and wrote about this in a post the last few days.

In 2008 I was in the thick of it...attended events, gave money, ghost wrote a few articles, passed out flyers, was on an email basis with several MSM wonks (Buchanan, Stossel, Harwood) and several magazine journalists. In addition, I was an am a moderator on two media-blog sites (on liberal and one conservative).

My observation and experience is that engaging the media has distinct limiting affect on the outcome of Ron Paul's candidacy. It is only becoming a delegate, financially supporting the campaign, winning polls, attending events, and specifically - targeting ripe voters that love freedom (regardless of party affiliation) that will gain the coverage. It is then that we need to engage the media, or now; IF there is a positive report.

Congratulate them, applaud them, thank them. MSM survives on two things: advertisement and ratings.

It is naive to think that bad-mouthing an article or attacking an author will result in something positive for the campaign. We will simply be labeled "fringe", "kooks", etc.

Some of really enjoy writing, debating, preaching. My humble suggestion is to try and put your ego aside, swallow your pride, have low expectations when it comes to the media, and use all of your love of freedom and Dr. Paul's message to focus on winning: 1. become a delegate (if it suits you), 2. Donate what monies you can 3. Purchase campaign materials and flood your area with them 4. Spread the message, 5. Attend events, 6. Vote

The rest is ancillary (but fun).