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And that's what this project boils down to...

When the Ron Paul campaign does something extraordinary, it should get the same coverage any other campaign would get for the same achievement. When Ron Paul has been arguing that the Iraq War is a bad idea from 2002 or before, having some Johnny-come-lately handed credit for the idea with no mention of Ron Paul reaching the conclusion 9 years earlier is simply wrong.

When Ron Paul wins a straw poll, pulls in a few million in campaign donations, wins an on-line poll - he should get the same coverage as any other candidate.

And when he doesn't, our options are limited. This project serves to amplify one of the more effective options: Punishing the people who have engaged in slanted coverage.

The incident that makes my blood boil was FOX excluding Ron Paul from a candidate round table while including candidates (Thompson) who were polling behind him and using the excuse that "there wasn't enough room in the studio."

One can look at the Republican field and tell some won't be there this time next year. Huckabee is already out. Trump was never in. Palin will either never enter, or exit early. Gingrich will be leaving shortly. Pawlenty will be on his last legs, if not already out. Bachman will have racked up enough negatives to make her campaign look tired. Huntsman won't be able to shake his affiliation with Obama. Santorum may still be around, but he'll be wobbly. Cain will be gone. Ultimately, the race will come down to Romney versus Ron Paul. Who wins depends on YOU!

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