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My feedback

Your idea is good but it is based on an untrue assumption.

The assumption that the media is controlled by advertising dollars. This is what they want us to believe but it is simply not true.

The media is controlled by the same elite that has taken over our Governments and the media's main and in effect only purpose is to brainwash, mislead and indoctrinate the people to follow the elite's idea of centralised controlled Government (controlled by them).

So the media will go against the message of freedom and liberty at any cost. They will always have enough money to continue their propaganda as they are owned by the people who also own the money system.

I do like your idea though, but for a different reason. All the emails would be noticed by employees working in the media and that may help them to wake up to the false reporting they are part of. I do think there are more effective ways, like becoming a delegate, take a role in vote counting and generally educating people you meet and know about the facts.