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Once again...

... some good ideas. Please pursue them elsewhere. As I have said so many, many times before, this is a narrowly-crafted project requiring only 20 minutes a week of your time. With the remaining 10,060 minutes of the week, you can still go be a delegate, count votes, educate people, raise money and take tap-dancing lessons. Please let me know when you have one of those projects up and running.

As for the media not being controlled by advertising dollars - I think you're simply wrong.
Everything I've seen indicates that media is desperate for advertising dollars. Newspapers, already in decline due to obsolescence, are the hungriest. Next is probably local newscasts which always seem to be trying to find a reason to exist. And so on. The loss of sponsorship is always a big deal. If revenues did not matter, networks and news stations would not have entire departments dedicated to finding and securing sponsorship.

As I've already pointed out, the billionaires who have an opposing agenda are welcome to replace lost ad revenues with money out of their own pockets. After a while, they will be millionaires. Then they'll be broke. At some point it will occur to them that there are some battles they'd rather not fight.

I also, once again, invoke Hanlon's Razor. If you wish to edify yourself, find the reference elsewhere in this discussion.

I'm certainly open to fact-based counter argument - off line. But bring FACTS, not unsubstantiated opinion.

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