Comment: I just got this from our meetup in California

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I just got this from our meetup in California

Many of us had been signed up for the one.

"Hi All:

Per YAL and the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, if you want to phone bank in Iowa towards getting more people in Iowa to vote for Ron Paul in the Ames Straw poll on August 13, 2011, please specifically sign up on the official campaign website: and go to volunteer section, fill out the info and then wait for a campaign person to call you. Please do not do grass roots phone banking or freelancing. People in Iowa are getting mad they're getting too many phone calls. I just learned about this from the campaign people today.

So if you wish to phone bank, please go through the Ron Paul campaign website only. Thanks."

After reading this I am thinking for those of us who have been using the one, then to stick to Independents?