Comment: guys guys guys, adam is a

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guys guys guys, adam is a

guys guys guys, adam is a patriot. who cares who funds his network he always tells the truth the msm is even more anti american, pro isreal instead of pro russia whats the difference? i commented on an isreal argument last night on the tea party straw poll comments section and the comment was deleted. i was shocked but i had kept my browser on since last night this is the comment that was deleted.

AND what about all of the palestinians? what about them its ok for isreal to systematically remove them through military force against people with no guns ! isreals always the victim right? commting genocide against the palestinians with airstrikes and militarism, dont play dumb either i just read an article saying isreal passing laws that makes palestinians pay for their own home demolitions! and im supposed to support that? im supposed to believe isreal is the victim? all isreali's ever do is is talk about "tolerance" for other people to accept them, BUT THEY commit horrible acts of war against civilians, what a model of tolerance, were not stupid, i dont hate jews i dont hate anyone for where they come from, i do hate genocidal racist governments , oh no but the rules dont apply to isreal everyones supposed to love them but the can kill palestinians for the fuck of it because theyre muslim dirt right!? practice what you preach then maybe the arab worl will stop fucking with isreal.