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Read the details

If you read the details of the PDF. The document specifically states that it contains no information on the cause of death.

Tens of thousands of people die in the US each year from things other than natural causes, car wrecks, binge drinking, violence, and stupidity.

What the report is tracking is simply how many out of each given population have died since the gulf war. So there have been 17K of 1.1M deployed that hav died in the 17 years covered in the report. Which is 1.6% of that subset. Looking at the other category (Era aka non-deployed vets) there were 56K of 5.6M that died in the same period which is .98% the difference is the rate applied to the deployed population works out to about 6700 deaths more than the non-deployed group. There isn't data in the report as to what the cause of death was.

Its certianly a mix of KIA, WIA that later died of wounds, Gulf War syndrome, suicide or violence. Historically combat veterans have a higher than average rate of homelessness, substance abuse and mental trauma than their non-combat veteran brothers. This makes them much more likely to die early.

I'll reserve judgement on whether the site is intentionally misleading, but it is glaringly obvious that the author completely misunderstood the data in the report.