Comment: Adam has been around a while,

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Adam has been around a while,

Adam has been around a while, it's not as if he just one day showed up on RT and became a popular activist. I think I first learned of him back in early 2008... he was in some video making a speech about being ordered to crawl around on dirt loaded with depleted uranium in Iraq.

He certainly is nowhere near as popular as Ron Paul. (Adam, if you're reading this, no offense.) Even being remotely as popular as RP is still quite an achievement.

Also consider that much of what Adam has done was at his own personal expense while spreading the message of liberty.

What if there were 50,000 people willing to do the same? Would our movement be better off or worse off? I'd say better, much much better.

Anyhow, if you're skeptical of him that's fine. Don't judge him based simply on what he says, judge him based on what he does, based on his actions. You know the old saying, actions speak louder than words.

BTW, I've never listened to his radio show nor have I ever watched one of his RT shows (yet).