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I think you're confused as to

I think you're confused as to what a patriot really is.

Who were the original patriots? The founders of the U.S. Although, to Britain they were terrorists, not patriots.

Patriotism isn't about blindly following whatever government of whatever land you happen to live on. It's about loving your country, and your fellow countrymen, while remaining vigilant in watching the government to make sure they treat us properly.

If RT is the only TV network that will allow Adam to speak openly and honestly about whatever topics he covers, then good for him and kudos to RT.

It would be great if it was Fox News putting him on the air, but even Glenn Beck just today said that Fox News isn't completely honest, although they are the most honest compared to other American media outlet.

Consider the differences between the message and the messenger. RT is just a messenger. Adam Kokesh is also largely just a messenger. Take the message and if you can prove it false, do so in order so that the rest of us are not deceived in any way. If his message is truthful, well, then that speaks for itself.