Comment: I got to know Adam

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I got to know Adam

a little bit while working for his congressional run in New Mexico. I had been following him pretty closely before I knew he was from New Mexico, and by the time he decided to run I knew his background pretty well. I too thought his quick rise to prominence in the movement was a bit suspicious. His military background and his early responses about 9/11 made me doubly suspicious. However, his campaign turned out be far from any sort of professional machine and we ended up getting beat soundly in the primary against a really weak candidate. It sucked losing, but it definitely made me trust him more. As for the individual, I can tell you that Adam is a really cool guy. Friendly and intelligent, good at having political discussions and willing and able to dominate a conversation when necessary. I thought his personally traits were perfect for a politician. He was definitely receiving support from the Campaign for Liberty and you could tell as you watched his speeches evolve that someone was coaching him on Austrian Economics. As far as working for the Russian govt goes, it is unfortunately the only way to have real free speech and distribution in this country. At the end of the day, Adam is saying exactly what needs to be said and he is spot on. So until that changes he has my 100% support.