Comment: From Greece, with respect to Dr Paul

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From Greece, with respect to Dr Paul

Though flushing out malinvestments is a reasonable, if painful, solution for our problems, I consider it the 2nd best solution, taking account of the context of what brought us here.

Otherwise, we could absolutely minimize debt and even pay back our creditors in the EU and, well, you guys, by:

-outlawing, like in every dignified nation, that a person can have both a pension and a salary

-stopping our fascist state funding of the parties already in office

-reducing by 50% the outrageous salaries of our MPs, Bishops, Mayors, and Ministers

-flushing out the people who hold 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 different positions while showing up for, like 1 every week or so.

-cutting 15-20 percent of every salary above €2,000

-selling to the private sector or dissolving the state companies that bled money since before they started 'working'

If we did all that, we wouldn't even need to fire a single state worker- from the 1,200,000 we have right now (country population: 10,000,000).

But our crooked politicians don't go there and instead do things like i.e. slash the €240 per month that disabled patients are getting, because if they deal with the moochers they will lose 85% of party strength.