Comment: Alex Jones concerns me

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Alex Jones concerns me

It is entirely counter-productive for me to argue something that likely cannot ever be proven, but I feel that there is something not quite right about this man. I don't know what it is.

If you look at what happened to the 9/11 truth movement from the very beginning, which could have truly been the glue to fixing our corrupt system, you have to wonder - at least a little - if folks like Jones are here for a reason. As much of the truth that Jones offers, he is very divisive, and many of his facts DO NOT check out. He has been very irresponsible with information in the past, causing many good folks to be discredited.

If you have any of his supporters on Facebook, you know what I'm talking about: 'JONES SAYS WWTTHREES IS COMING TIME TO STOCK THE FUCK UP.' Etc.

His entire operation strikes me as one big psyop sometimes. We know counter intelligence exists in the MSM, why not in the alternative media?

Anyway, just my (unproductive) two cents.