Comment: NO !! You're missing the point,

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NO !! You're missing the point,

This is not a commercial for the DP.

This is a commercial for RP.

So what if there are "fringy" people on the DP? We need to drive it home to the Mom and Pops that are watching the "tube" as they have been since you were born... that there is at least one honest politician (a statesman) without all the negative connotations of the "state", still in this world.

Take a moment... Meditate... Pray... Take a deep breath... have a glass of wine... whatever it takes for you to get into a place where you can accept a new future...

Other (new) people need the opportunity, need the place to go there.

There is a better way - government doesn't have to be the solution.

IOW, if they don't see it on TV - then it doesn't exist.

We need to show them - there is another way.