Comment: As we all should when the time comes

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As we all should when the time comes

This is THE state to win, as we all know it will set the tone for the rest of the country. And the media will no longer be able to spin know.
We will be called upon to put boots on the ground for door-to-door canvasing, phone banking, and whatever else the campaign comes up with. And we best be ready to answer that call. It will need to be "all hands on deck" to make winning this state a reality. I am sure many a YAL member will be heading out to New Hampshire when the time comes. We all know that it is not a lock even for the "Live Free Or Die" state. We remember what happened last time. THAT must not happen here again. This IS do or die.
There is no next time.
All in. Double down. JUST DO IT!