Comment: Rep. Lamar Smith is going to have a real problem with our foot

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Rep. Lamar Smith is going to have a real problem with our foot

in his ass if he keeps this up.

The government nor wall-street will be able to project the momentous market reaction that would absorb so much debt if this wonderful plant were actually handed to the markets… but it won’t be since the feds will not have the camel get it’s nose under the tent and reveal the schemes of wallstreet, the treasury, and the board of governors who are delegated the power of creating monopolies.

Reality is this bill was blocked by Rep. Lamar Smith and won’t even be voted on.. that is how quick the Feds are to respond to this bill.. they will crash and burn before they let this plant out into the marketplace… and for those who are trying to industrialize marijuana… they will have to come up with some serious propaganda to let the bat out of the cage but keep prices under control and keep people from growing it on their own.

The end all be all is the market must crash after the debt ceiling crashes and congress has to get scared into passing a bill like this by angry Americans… that won’t happen until times are rough enough.. but the time will come no doubt, I just hope congress will even have the authority to do something at that point seeing as how the executive branch currently micro-manages everything going in an d coming out of Washington.

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