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Comment: Paul should use this issue in two ways

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Paul should use this issue in two ways

(I'm speaking of the Drug War in general and the recent legalization bill)

First - against Obama: Isn't legalization something that many people thought Obama would champion? Doesn't it clash with his image to not only carry on the drug war... but to escalate it? Don't black folks suffer more because of the Drug War?

Next - against other 'constitutional candidates': Isn't this a States' Rights issue? Will any of the other candidates (besides Johnson) stand up for the constitution here? It is important that this issue be properly framed by Paul during the next debate - the constitutional question and that it is up to the states (the logic for it will go over many people's heads - he should stick to the constitutionality of it - and States' Rights).

I think Paul can use this issue to shine a light on Bachmann and Cain as not really being who they claim to be...

I think _we_ should use this issue to recruit more democrats to the cause.