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Comment: Dont worry about how much the opposition raises

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Dont worry about how much the opposition raises

It is the best feeling in the world making them spend it all. We made Romney waist so much money last time Im sure he was sick at his stomache for weeks after he dropped out last time. lol Mccain spent his so fast he was tapped by the end. Remember its a battle feild and their soldiers on it are FRN's vs our actual sodiers (real live workers) The goal is to wipe out more of theirs than they wipe out of ours. Trust me Ron Paul sodiers are invensible. If you notice Romney learned from last time. He will not blow his wade in Iowa because to beat our sodiers in straw polls is very costly on the battle field. Others will make the mistake in his place trust me. They are already lining up their soldiers as we speak and we get to wipe them out. They will look around as they go into florida and realize their army is gone. It will be very lonely for them and very fun for us. Mitt will save his soldiers for the end this time. He will do a mega media bitz at the end. The question is how do we plan now to counter this media blitz?