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I just posted this at Ron Paul Forums

I saw your meetups etc yesterday when I was trying to figure out where Ron was going to be for the fourth, there was actually an article saying he was walking too, that then was pulled. There was a really funny one about Gingrich and Bachmann walking that was posted. It said it was by AP but it read like the Onion.

Edit, here's the story that was posted, attributed to the Associated Press:

By Pop Pendergrass
Associated Press
CLEAR LAKE, IOWA - Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann will twiddle and twirl in a vain attempt to secure the votes of Republicans in Clear Lake, Iowa's annual Fourth of July Parade.

The parade, held every Independence Day and put on by a coalition of organizations in the Clear Lake area, will feature several floats that portray political themes, in addition to the long line of traditionally patriotic participants. Gingrich and Bachmann have both put together floats for the parade, sources inside the respective campaigns told the AP.

A campaign insider revealed that Bachmann will feature a float based on a 1992 Ford Econoline 15-passenger van and a 2001 GMC Safari, to pay homage to the fleet of American-made microbus-style vehicles that the Bachmann family has employed while having fostered 23 children. Reportedly, several of the children will be in attendance to ride the float. The source revealed that the float will tie in to the celebration by praising "the bigness of America's greatness," introducing a key campaign phrase that will represent a marked decline in the intellectual rigor of the Bachmann campaign. Aides for Sarah Palin did not return comment Thursday.

Gingrich, who was recently turned down for the upcoming season of "Dancing With The Stars" in favor of the meter reader from the Casey Anthony trial, also planned to feature a float despite a lack of available campaign funds.

His float, according to a campaign insider, is intended to represent Gingrich's drive for American austerity in a time of economic hardship. The source revealed that the float would consist only of a dilapidated brown Oldsmobile with missing hubcaps, a single blue door, and a small family of rodents that live in the trunk.

The source also confirmed that Gingrich's Oldsmobile will feature several McDonald's bags and assorted sizes of Tiffany boxes in the passenger footwell.

Besides Bachmann, no other member of congress running for president could possibly be going to the parade, according to sources in Clear Lake. The AP has confirmed this with other reputable media outlets."

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