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Bennetts a Bright Guy

Did Bill Bennett actually write this? As I understood Ron Pauls position, it would be up to the states to regulate as they saw fit. The bill would repeal the Federal laws on drugs, not state laws.

#1)The number one reason Kids don't use drugs is because they are illegal. OK, he is pushing my ability to believe his reasoning here.

#2)If kids don't use drugs by 21 there is a near zero chance of them using drugs in the future. Now I am really having a hard time believing this.

#3)Legal perscription narcotics are near epidemic. I'm thinking he may have discussed this with his buddy Rush Limbaugh. OK stop giving narcotic perscriptions to kids under 21, (see #2)

#4)Now we are getting close to the adjenda, money. Normalization lowers the price, what would the banks do if 100 billion dollars disappeared from the economy? The billions of dollars now spent on enforcement that empowers government?

Not a mention of the saved lives and loss of property that would result in a legalization.