Comment: Can chart be updated per my suggestion

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Can chart be updated per my suggestion

from yesterday?

Submitted by drheyde on Fri, 07/01/2011 - 00:48.

friendly suggestion to Michael/Jon - I noticed the use of 2 different reads for some days (6/24, 6/25, 6/27 and 6/29) but just 1 reading for 6/23, 6/26, 6/28 and 6/30. This causes the slope of the graph to vary so perhaps 1 reading per day will suffice. If you do 2 readings per day, then always do those same readings each day.

What is interesting is that the sharp slope on 6/25 would look even steeper if there was one "6/25" on the x-axis.

also, this is great because the campaign/grassroots can analyze the data to determine optimum days (looks like Saturday and the last day of the fundraising were good this time but I can't completely tell with the varying x-axis).

again, just a friendly suggestion...I really loved the graph as well as the overlapping graph for the last money bomb where you compared it with the President's Day and Debate Day moneybombs. Keep up the good work.