Comment: Well, at some point every

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Well, at some point every

Well, at some point every state will matter. As a fellow Michigander, I often see and hear from many Paulians and converts.

If you think about it Michigan is a great place to convert people because of how wretched our economy has been. The only part I always have trouble with is how in love with unions everyone is.

If you don't work in a union yourself, I bet someone in the family does...and that's always a hard point to talk about. Take for example Gov. Snyders tough cuts on education, people are fuming over it even though it's necessary. This is coming from someone who has a GF that's a teacher. She doesn't know if she will have a job next year now, and if she does it will be part time and will have major cuts in benefits as well. But unfortunately I, as well as many others saw this coming. But it's still tough for someone to go through.

Just keep up the good work. Every person counts. Think about the fundraising as well. Every person you convert Is another addition to a money bomb!