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I wasn't "forced" either and I live... Alabama.

Now, they did ASSUME that I was going to get her a SS number. They came with all the forms and ask us to fill them out. I told them I would NOT be filling out the form for a SS number.

They were shocked. They asked why, and I explained that my baby did not need a SS number and that having one only made her more likely to be a victim of identity theft. "Why have a number sitting around for 16-18 years waiting on someone to steal it?" I asked. Then I followed with, "I'll wait and decide later if I want my little girl to become a slave to the government and the international banksters that really run it."

The nurse left saying she would be back to let us know if it would be ok. I assured her that I didn't get my SSN until I was 14 or so, and that it would be fine. Next thing I know some hospital administrator was there explaining to me that it was standard policy at the hospital to sign up all newborns for a SSN. I explained to her that it was my child and my wishes were the only ones that mattered and that my child was not getting a SSN assigned to her at birth.

Later I find out that I cannot claim her as a dependent on my taxes without her having a SSN. This is new. So are the pushy hospital people forcing SSN's down our throats.

Screw 'em. I didn't fill out the paperwork. She has no SSN.