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Hey Ckozlgod, I hear you on

Hey Ckozlgod, I hear you on the teacher thing, my aunt, my sister-in-law and my cousin are all teachers and oh boy do they think they walk on water and deserve every penny and perk they get. When I point out that they make twice or even 3times what I make they always say "Well did you go to college for four years" and I say "No, but did you spend 4yrs in the Army, 1 of which was spent as a peacekeeper in Haiti", boy, do they ever get mad when I say that. I know a few Big 3 Auto workers too and it's just like you say, anywhere else they'd be making $9 an hour for what they do and yet they think they're not making enough.

RP: "My first name is Ron and my last name is Paul"

SP: "Wow, you have two first names. Nobody is going to elect 'Ricky Bobby' for President."

RP: "Do you care about anything important?"

SP:"One time I killed a moose and took a picture with it."