Comment: Is Adam a Con Man? What about Ron Paul?

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Is Adam a Con Man? What about Ron Paul?

After Reagan I don't trust anybody completely. However, when I learned of Reagan's record in California I should have known better. Reagan signed the first in the nation law legalizing abortion. Reagan increased California's waiting period for handguns. The warning signs were there; I was ignorant. Ron Paul has proven his metal; Adam comes pretty close, getting arrested repeatedly and body-slammed at the capitol. I don't have that kind of courage, to show restraint rather than responding violently or lethaly. Ron Paul is our last, best hope, barring the second coming or violent revolution (the only other options, as I see it). Adam Kokesh is a soldier in this peaceful revolution, as is Rand Paul. None of these individuals are above criticism, no more than Washington (who cut the toes off runaway slaves), Adams (who signed the Alien and Sedition Acts) and Jefferson, whose slaves were sold at action upon his death. Ronald used to say, "Trust, but verify." On that note, at least, he was right.