Comment: Why Bill Bennett is wrong, in so many ways.

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Why Bill Bennett is wrong, in so many ways.

1) Why let rational (his authoritarian world view must not be disturbed) discourses spoil an argument?
2) The regulations are up to the states, not the Feds, unlike alcohol which was implemented lawfully, then repealed.
3) You can’t outlaw human foibles of victimless actions. Empirical evidence of this so called war on drugs has failed.
4) Bennett’s largess derived from the (Washington or otherwise) establishment, therefore his supposition are at least suspect.
5) Narco – states and corporatist find this a ready source of corrupt blood money and destabilize scores of countries, especially in Latin America.
6) A waste of resources, probably the most tragic and the jails are full of non-violent offenders, authoritarian agencies with an agenda to keep their existence going, malinvestment, on and on…
7) People that are (children too) addicted will receive medical, spiritual, etc. help in a more conducive environment.