Comment: T'is sad US Senate wouldn't stop $108 B give-away to IMF [sigh].

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T'is sad US Senate wouldn't stop $108 B give-away to IMF [sigh].

    $108 B carted off to the Immaculate Money Fountain (IMF).
    No Bid! Conflict of principal & interest!

Oxen & their carts pull slowly away from the Fed. They trundle off with your cash. It is only a few blocks from the Fed headquarters, Washington DC Capitol Mall to the IMF headquarters. The strain on the oxen & taxpayers is immense. No reporter in site! No newsreel! No police chase of the ox carts trundling off your cash.

Congress (a very large debtor) takes a $108 B loan from an international private bank, the Fed (creating "legal tender" out-of-thin-air) to give to another private international bank (IMF) to help them (the IMF) get paid royalties from Greece (a small debtor).

    Is there no shame in international banking?

This $108 B contract is no bid. The Fed & IMF have about 17% shared ownership. They have conflict of principal & interest!

Even the Keystone Cops could catch ox carts fully laden with your cash. Alas, the Keystone state is Pennsylvania. Keystone Cops are busy chasing down other capers.

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