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I agree

I agree and I have said this all along. He is so far ahead of the crowd. He needs to step down to the "sheeple" level. And I say this with all due respect to the sheeple. They just don't know and don't understand. I am faced with this constantly in my daily dealings in explaining why people should vote for Ron Paul.
First, EVERY time he is in a public appearance he must give a soundbite about what has happened to the people's money since 1913. Then say I'V EXPLAINED IT ON MY WEBSITE...GO TO RONPAUL2012...check out the blah blah blah section...

He needs to go to the Ross Perot school of charts. Show them. They won't read. They never do.

He needs to do this with a few key issues that are very personal to the people and create on his site a section titled Go to School or Education or something simple and write sections that are Jr high school explanations on why the govt is like it is.

He also needs to brag. NO I'm not kidding. He needs to make people understand why when congress votes on bills that are the pension plan he opts out of ...and he needs to point out that he opts out, that it costs the taxpayers lots and lots of money or their libertes. When I tell people he opts out of the lucrative pension plan and how he DENIES himself and his posterity...they usually gasp.
Second: He must link to a picture graft explaining how the Fed. creates money out of thin air and what the "air" costs the American people. I don't remember where I saw it but I recall a post of pictures of real paper money vs Fed notes and the explanation of the interest charges etc. Anyone else seen that one. Very good pictures.

That is the level we are talking about. Wish I knew what the congressional pension plan costs the American people.