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I posted this to you as a

I posted this to you as a "reply" because I did not want to interfear with the main topic here and cannot locate the thread that discussed the Indiana court ruling. Something had always nagged at me about it. It was SO blatently un-Constitutional and I knew (know) it will be "over-turned" when the case goes to SCOTUS. The "REAL" news of the day came from the New York court system just a couple hours earlier! It concerned some IMF dude who forced a hotel maid to....and then TRIED to hide behind his diplomatic immunity. The judges answer was, Yes, you have diplomatic immunity, but ONLY WHEN ON FEDERAL TERRITORY and New York is NOT Federal territory.What does that tell the world about where and to whom all of the laws and regulations comeing out of D.C. apply? That was the real story for the day and sadly I fear all that will be told in the MSM will be the "sex" scandel, much like Clintons impeachment. Nuff said...just my random thoughts.