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The short answer is

The world is run by a very small elite who owns everything including media, governments, corporations and YOU.

Their goal is complete control of all resources in the world including YOU. They are constantly lying to us to reach their goal and the media , education, "experts" in every field and all other forms of (dis)information is being used to keep YOU enslaved.

Their end goal is a government for the entire world run by them that will hold the entire world population in slavery. They pretty much have that already although most people have no idea this is the case.

Waking up to these facts is not easy as we have been indoctrinated all our lives with disinformation that keeps this truth from us and we have been programmed to think it cannot be true. But the information is there to deprogram yourself if you are ready for the answer to your question.

If you are ready I can recommend watching as many of these films as needed: