Comment: Look, I don't buy the whole

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Look, I don't buy the whole


I don't buy the whole EVIL CARTEL OOOOHH conspiracy.

The media is biased, because bias sells. Controversy sells. Simplicity sells.

In the 50s and 60s, companies running the news had the policy that NEWS was for NEWS...TV shows were for revenue. Anchors of integrity have been replaced by "pundits" with heavy politicals slants. That sells!

Why do you think Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are so popular? Because of their attitude. They are egotistical arrogant idiots who shout and yell...people like that. That is the reason that the soft, quiet, experts have been labeled "elitist" because they actually study and read things.

Imagine, if you are Fox News:

1) Drama sells. People have their attention pulled twenty different ways. You need to have drama to sell a story and get people to watch. Facts? Who cares! Drama! And since people get most of their news from the internet, "analysis" is important. And that analysis must also be dramatic!

2) Cater to pepole's viewpoints. MSNBC has captured the liberals, Fox News has captured the conservatives. People who watch Fox don't want to hear about how some liberal did something good. They are naturally going to want to hear about how Democrats are bad, how Republicans are good, how their beliefs are "right". Fox News caters to this. Their better off saying evolution is fiction that admitting the FACT that it is true. People would rather hear fiction that they like than truth that hurts. TV stations cater to this. As free marketists like to say, the consumer is king.

3) Conventional wisdom. You don't get anywhere in your career questioning those in power. If a journalist is interviewing someone like Donald Rumsfeld, and asks him tough questions, Rumsfeld will never give him and interview again. And then everyone else won't want to give that person and interview because that interviewer is percieved as "too tough". Because all these news stations are competing with each other, the interviewed has his choice of which show to come on. The station must cater to his or her whims to get him to come.

4) This is more of a re-hash of 2), but never insult the viewer's sensibilities. Never even question the military, since most people find that extremeley offensive. Don't question Christianity; people find that offensive. Don't talk about Americans everyday willingfully support tyranny and opression in other nations with their dollar.

5) KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Americans are stupid, and the media caters to this. Catch phrases work:

"They hate us for our freedom!"

"Pick yourself up by your bootstraps"

"Death panels!"

"The Earth is melting!"

"Obama's a socialist marxist Kenyan!"

Don't explain things; don't get nuanced. Even though life is not simple. Life is not nuanced. People want to feel like they can understand what has happened easily. They don't like the truth if it is complicated.

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