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Comment: I suggest that you take a

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I suggest that you take a

I suggest that you take a look at the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations and see how well connected these people are. What do you think people involved in politics, media, banking and finance, academia, industry and the military would have to talk about? It would seem that the name kind of gives it away. These folks are planning our foreign policy. And you thought that was done by those you elect!

Remember, until fairly recently most Americans had to rely on mainstream media to get their information. Today with the Internet, they are suddenly hearing different perspectives.

It shouldn't take too much intelligence to realize that our politicians are controlled by those special interests who subsidize their campaigns and give them retirement jobs as "consultants" and lobbyists. But why don't the media point this out? Why don't the media remind us that the Congress is legislating in areas that they have no authority? The most obvious reason is that those who control the editorial policy of major media outlets agree with this agenda.