Comment: Simple: Big Corporate and Big Finance ARE the Government

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Simple: Big Corporate and Big Finance ARE the Government

Connecting the dots is easy. Its in the public record, right here on the internet.

1) Look at the names and corporation of origin of the top 20 people in all of the top federal regulatory agencies. Including (especially?) the Executive.

2) Look at the campaign contributions of most of the most powerful members of the federal government

3) When you read the name of a government "think tank" in an article, take a minute to look at the names and corporations on the board of directors.

You will see the same names coming up over and over again.

You see a direct match. This is our true government.

The old structure of the United States (3 Branches, Democratic Republic, Rule of Law), is now a false front.

Representatives of the largest multinational corporations and banks occupy the highest posts in *all* federal regulatory agencies in DC, including the Executive, and all the its agencies appointed by the president:

- Big Finance

- Big Military

- Big Energy

- Big Food

- Big Healthcare

- Big Education


- Big Telecomm / Big Media

The majority (has to be over 60-70%) of our Congress gives direct representation to the most powerful 'entities' in all of these industries.

Many of the most powerful individuals, thinktanks, and boards in each of these industries are more powerful than our representatives.

Many of them also have *no* loyalty to our country, its people, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Plenty of them are not even citizens of our country

Big Finance and Big Corporate (these people) literally write our law. When I say literally - I mean, they and their lobbyists draft (write) the law.

Step by step they are writing out our individual freedoms and right (under the true system) to participate in our own government and affect anything that happens there.

The evidence of this is right in front of everyone's face, but there is still a high percentage of people who still assume that 'things are basically normal' and believe that the old system is still in place.

But it's not. And Big Telecom and Big Media are huge a part of why this is so. They are not outside the system. They have a vital role - some would say the most vital.

Their main function now is *not* to give the public the truth. The main function of Big Telecom is to:

- Support this system, and

- Control the masses of people from catching on and rising against it.

The mission of Big Telecom is to Cover it up. Mis-direct. Distract. And brainwash you.

Again the evidence of this is so obvious, its right in everyone's face 24 hours a day.

(example): Casey Anthony. This non-consequential story - one that has no direct impact on anyone's life but Casey and her families ... dominates every major outlet and blacks out coverage of what is really going on.

And people now swallow that as 'normal'.

Ron Paul and the people who believe in and support him, is one of the only genuine threats to that system that exists on the planet.

If Dr Paul is elected - he will begin to immediately dismantle it. Big Corporate and Big Finance will lose their power.

This is why there is a concerted bias against him, and by extension .. us.