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I agree 100%

If you have anxienty or depression, get help! And help yourself by reading self help books, get healthy, and most importantly do something you are good at.. get some success stories under your belt. Get with a rebound chick. Spice.. gets you high but like you said it is not God made ie.. not natural. I would categorize it as a psychadelic, it increases your heart rate to rediculous levels, and who knows what else. Bottom line, no bueno. As I would say to an alcoholic, Your not going to find answers at the bottom ofa beer bottle, after the high wheres off, your problems will still be there. Pain meds ease the pain but dont cure the disease. Stay strong.. The answer to what ails you is already known to you and is inside of you. You may think that you can attain it by inhaling, drinking, snorting, shooting or in any way introducing something into your body.. Truth is discipline and determination are the optimal methods. Be the person you want to be
Semper Fortis