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This is exactly why it is illegal........

It's the most potent medicine on this earth, and yet you can grow it in your backyard. IF they would let you.

But they won't.

They can't patent it. It's a plant. Even though you can't patent a plant, they patented the USE of the plant. Look up U.S. Patent #6630507. The U.S. federal government, through the Health and Human Services Dept. owns the patent to the use of medical marijuana for Alzheimer's, Crons, cancer, MS, and many, many other diseases.

Why would they own the patent for the medical use of mj, when they have it scheduled as a drug with NO medical uses?

Marijuana is medicine, and has been for over 5,000 years. Until the 1930's, that is.

They know that no matter what they do... and no matter what kind of patents they get... we can still grow cannabis in our backyard.


There's more money to be made keeping it illegal, than can be made making it legal. And the money is already flowing in the wrong direction.

Cannabis cures cancer!

And lots of other stuff too...