Comment: How effective are these checkpoints?

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How effective are these checkpoints?

"How many would-be terrorists armed with a device has the TSA actually foiled? Does anyone know?" The TSA has stopped, captured, deterred, or prevented absolutely zero would-be terrorists. TSA officials know this, but are not reporting it because then they might have to explain the real reason for the radiation scans and sexual-molestations performed on American citizens, who clearly are not terrorist threats. In fact, every would-be terrorist boarding or attempting to board an airplane apprehended since 9/11 were not detected by TSA, but were actually apprehended by passengers after boarding the planes.

In addition, I agree with you about the checkpoints being far better targets for terrorist attacks, and I would add that airports themselves are also very vulnerable targets for terrorist attacks. The idea that TSA can protect us from terrorist attacks is totally ludicrous. The real purpose for the radiation scans and body-gropings is to present the illusion of being protected, while at the same time condition us for the police state that's coming.