Comment: ducatijeanne: that is really nice!

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ducatijeanne: that is really nice!

I'm glad you were able to use the flyers. They were geared to the SF crowd but of course they can be edited for future use. let me know if you want the file (I have it in MacBook Pages format but can save in Microsoft Word format although somethings will shift around and would need to be edited).

also, I would like to know what you think worked well in getting people interested in actually taking the flyer.

Today was the first time I ever did this so I tried to keep it short to get people's attention, as they walked by, like "Stop Bombing Libya", "Who won the Peace Prize?" and "US out of the Middle East". The "US out of the Middle East" seemed to spark people's interest. Also, when I moved further away from the protest area in San Fran., the interest dwindled so having it in that area was good (even with a few rude comments by some protestors but for the most part, people were nice and we had some good discussions.).