Comment: Yes, it's invasive and only semi-private

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Yes, it's invasive and only semi-private

The accumulation of data is the unintended consequences of innumerable government interventions, starting with wage and price controls during WWII, tax exemptions, and managed health care laws.

Whenever there is a third-party payer system, the patient will be scrutinized in uncomfortable ways (your premiums are a boost to sales, but your claims are a drag on profits). Since you cannot be refused insurance through your employer, by law, the insurance company needs to factor in all of the possible health issues for your employer's pool of workers so they can come up with an appropriate premium for the whole pool. That means gathering info.

The other option is Healthcare Savings Accounts. Then your health is no one's business but your own. And it's totally 'portable' because you own it. It is unclear to me if Obamacare has destroyed that market. Might be worth checking out.