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Comment: Action Required

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Action Required

So is he officially running or still just exploring? I feel that we must urgently do everything we can to make sure Dr. Paul becomes fully committed to the race, and immediate focus should be put on winning the primary.

I think I was first introduced to Ron Paul via the documentary "Fiat Empire" about the Federal Reserve and the dollar. This documentary is available for free on the net:

Anyway, congressman Ron Paul appears in that documentary, and I thought "WOW - you mean there is actually a politician out there that really GETS IT?" So I did some more research about Ron Paul, and the more I read about him, and his actual speeches - the more I REALLY like this guy. He is the ONLY fiscally conservative politician I know of, and as you know we have not had a fiscally conservative president in probably over 100 years. This guy is serious about smaller government, adhering to the constitution, free trade, and cutting off government waste. Some call him the "non-crazy Ross Perot". Well I never thought Ross was crazy, but I think of Ron Paul as the Ross Perot who can actually win!

Anyway - I think we (by we I mean anyone who actually cares about this country and the direction we are headed especially as it relates to the destruction of the dollar) need to be out there doing everything we can to ensure Dr. Paul not only gets INTO the primaries, but wins them. If this is going to happen its ONLY going to happen at a grass roots level. We need to get the word out in a major way, and we need to start acting immediately. I've been doing what I can recently to get the word out and hope you will join me in doing whatever you can! I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the internet and this could be the first presidential campaign where that really makes a difference. I also believe that if Ron Paul wins the primary he will win the presidency because I know Independents, Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians that will vote for him and this country is NOT going to be better off with Hillary or McCain! We need to dismiss the same old same old politician types and elect someone with integrity who thinks independently and believes in a true constitutional government.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to come up with a form letter that people could use as a basis for emailing their friends and family informing them about Dr. Paul. Of course many of us already know exactly what to say, but anything to make it easier for other people to get the word out should help. Actually multiple form letters for different audiences should be created (for example perhaps a more general version that doesn't talk so much about monetary policy or fiat currency would be appropriate for people that have no clue about such things, it might also be good to have a form letter targeted at different political affiliations like Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc.). Maybe we could even use "Wiki" technology to create these form letters as a group effort?

Most people probably don't know who Ron Paul is, and that will work against him, but with the power of the internet we can change all of that. I would love to know that 80% or more of all Americans got an email describing Ron Paul, who he is, what he stands for, and why you should support him. I really believe that most Americans don't want another Clinton or McCain - but its up to us to give Americans a REAL choice!