Comment: Diggety-dang it, Simple Sam...

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Diggety-dang it, Simple Sam...

...I was just coming in to ask which everyone thinks would last longer, a copy of time magazine, or a double roll of AngelSoft...trying to run a cost/benefit analysis on this because I really might start wiping my arse with issues of time.

What's a subscription cost, or does anyone know where I can pick up used copies? I figure the expenditures involves really have to come out somewhere fairly may pages does each issue usually have?

Anyhow, possible (seriously!) toilet antics aside, what a load of tripe, and if people are somehow still...oh god, please don't let them be...stupid enough to buy into it, POOR US, for real. I really kind of like the new article over at Redstate implying that Ron's got a very good chance at, at the least, showing very well at Ames, and the fact that they're all as riled up as they are over the possibility of his poll numbers rising on their precious "conservative" standing being harmed by him really does make me optimistic that he's winning.

I certainly hope so - I know it goes against the tenets of my faith, but I would be almost willing to take out a loan to be able to afford a dump-truck's worth of crow to watch these knuckleheads start shoveling down come the primaries.