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I believe the reasoning is

I believe the reasoning is that IF Romney don't win, some of those others are more likely to get the votes that obviously did not go to him than Paul is. Not entirely unbelievable, as all the non-Pauls are pretty much one and the same. As is Obama.

For Paul to win, a substantially greater number of Americans than current will have to grow the heck up and look at reality as the world presents it, not as they were "taught" by the tax feeders charged with indoctrinating them into becoming pliable progtrash. In other words, a Paul win will require a serious changing of the outlook on life of vast numbers of Americans, of such a magnitude it probably hasn't happened since at least FDR, and perhaps not since the Founders. Seen in that light, It's hard to fault Time (a bastion of the well indoctrinated progtrashocracy if there ever was one) for not giving this much of a chance.

A good thing for us, is that much of the RP revolution is taking place in communities far, far away from the kinds where Time staffers waste away their petty little lives. Hence, they may seriously underestimate the extent to which their pathetic ignorant and pathetic ruminations about the world, is no longer being taken as anything but a last ditch effort by the relative beneficiaries of progressive oppression to keep their theft funded wonderland afloat.

I guess to put it succinctly; a world where Ron Paul wins the presidency, is a world where few take such rags as Time seriously anymore.