Comment: When will people learn?

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When will people learn?

Learn who owns mainstream media and that it is nothing but propaganda which is exactly what this particular article is all about, namely propaganda to form opinions and ensure the status quo stays in power.

As long as we get pissed off every time the media propaganda does, what a media propaganda is suppose to do and as long as we keep complaining and trying and waiting for it to stop and change, we have 0, yes 0 chance of ever changing anything.

If people learn who owns the media, if they realize it's all just propaganda and is doing what it's suppose to do and will never change and that it is extremely powerful and effective then I think we, as in the grassroots, will finally wake up and realize that it's fighting the media propaganda, however we can, that should be our nr.1 priority if we ever want to change anything.

As much as it saddens me, it doesn't look like we are there yet.