Comment: Time Magazine is a Time Warner property

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Time Magazine is a Time Warner property

... trace back the majority stockholders of Time Warner and you will most likely find individuals who are very frightened of and threatened by:

- sound money

- true free markets

- Rule of Law

- de-centralization of power, and

- individual liberty

Hence we see deliberate and strong moves to dis-credit the Constitution and Bill of Rights ...

They run sophisticated and pervasive mass media psy-ops campaigns against it all ...

And it looks like they will do anything in their power to blacklist Dr Paul and anyone who supports him.

They are not holding back. The blatant dis-respect of their own poll results for the cover of the magazine, and replacing it with a cover dis-respecting the Constitution?

It doesn't get any more blatant than that.

So there ya go. Be prepared for it.

Keep blanketing the Internet with the truth. Talk to everyone you know. And that you dont know.

They dont own this country.