Comment: It is a BAN - and on ALL known and announced Incandescents!

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It is a BAN - and on ALL known and announced Incandescents!

It is a BAN -

don't fall for the pro-regulation propaganda!

Not only is it a ban on simple incandescents starting 2012 (28% energy reduction reqd)
but also on ALL known incandescents by 2020 (67% energy reduction reqd),
including therefore the announced Philips etc “New Incandescents”
- which the politicians waving them around like to keep VERY quiet about.

The Energy Information Administration at Dept of Energy (see their press releases) also confirm that any lamp on the market in 2020
“will have to be as efficient as CFLs” by such time.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on view!)
incandescents can’t technically be made to such energy usage, and even if they could, the profit -seeking manufacturers behind the
ban would be unlikely to pursue it given the high cost of such bulbs relative to more profitable CFLs/LEDs.

Of course, even during the time they're allowed,
the Halogen etc replacements are not the same, are more expensive, and are hardly available (and only in smaller ranges) in post-ban EU and Australia

More on the industrial politics behind the ban, with references and copies of official communications