Comment: BLUE Republican is brilliant if for no other reason....

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BLUE Republican is brilliant if for no other reason....

It gives a democrat/liberal/Progressive/socialist a TITLE.

This title Identifies them as NOT a republican at all, just a temporary one and just because "I am anti-war and want Obama to get the message".

The title is VERY important, more important than most realize.

With TITLE comes identity and Identity is just about everything to humans.

Life long Libertarians had this problem in 2007/8. Taking off the L label and putting on the R, WAS EMOTIONALLY DIFFICULT. Many just couldn't do it. It was too tough.

If it was tough for them, do you think it will be tough for progressives and liberals and democrats? Tough for Independents?

This is why there is POWER CAT power in the name "I am a BLUE republican".

That is why it is a PARTY LINE BLUR-ER

That is why it is an excellent idea.

That is why it CAN work.

Next, are the numbers there? SURE ARE THERE

These are called politically active voting registared democrats.... there are millions of them.

These Dems have zero to do.

They just might get a kick out of VOTING AGAINST Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney, Santorum, Pawlenty, etc.

So, the idea of a BLUE Republican works.

In my own personal life, my democrat family, once they heard of that, now says that they can be a BLUE republican and VOTE Ron Paul and then when the election comes, vote Obama.

That is fine with me....

It should be fine with you too.


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