Comment: This is just funny

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This is just funny

So who is attacking which messenger? I know Ron Paul is spreading a HUGE message currently and hope you can join us POSITIVELY in this fight.

Do you really think open bashing of Rons campaign is beneficial in the least? Email or call the campaign or go GET ACTIVE and do something.

See a need fill a need right?

You think he needs ads, put a money bomb together and make it happen.

Anyone can sit around all day complaining about THIS or THAT but hell what does that solved?

Thats like those who complained nonstop about the website and how THEY could do it better and yet NO ONE proved that they were doing one.

I just start to notice those who are simply half glass empties on here and it is really easy based on all their "he should be doing this" "why isn't he doing that" b.s. whining.

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