Comment: Nobody knows how this will all play out.

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Nobody knows how this will all play out.

The nation's money supply is bank debt. Under this system, in order to increase the supply of money new loans must be made to some individual, business, or government. This makes the debts OF the banks go up by the increase in the money supply, and also makes the debts TO banks of either individuals, businesses or government go up in an equal amount. Since the federal government is the most hungry debtor and stands first in line to borrow (as long as they increase the debt ceiling) it will just become more indebted, and the current scam will be perpetuated for just a little longer.

When individuals, businesses and government pay back debts held by the banks or interest thereon, the money supply decreases with "out of thin air" money going back to the netherworld from which it originally arose.

And then there is the velocity of money. If people and businesses sit on what money they have the overall supply could go up, but prices could go down from lack of spending, even if the government increases spending.

It is a complex system (fraud).

We know that a huge number of banks in the US are insolvent, i.e., they have more debts than the value of their assets. They have glossed over this by valuing their assets at fantasy numbers with the complicity of their accountants. What happens if people start to fear that their bank will fail and they won't get bailed out by the FDIC which is also insolvent, and backed by an insolvent government. Most people are under the delusion that Federal Reserve Notes are money, not realizing that they are just un-payable debts of the Federal Reserve Bank. It is conceivable that people would want to hold these in preference to a checking account or savings account and would run the banks. This would wipe out the ability of banks to make new loans because it would deplete the reserves against which they make new loans, so a deflationary collapse is just as likely as an inflationary blow off. It is also possible that if prices start to pick up, people will take money out of the banks because they won't want to hold large checking or savings account balances, which would have the effect of making money supply expansion much more difficult for the banks.

Additionally, formal default by the federal government could cause the money supply to be wiped out because it could take out the banks and eliminate the checking and saving account component of the money supply.

For an inflationary blow off to be highly likely, the federal government would need to change the way money comes into existence. They would need to start printing their own paper bills and spend them into existence. Unlike the current loaning of money into existence, there would be no associated debts taken on by individuals, businesses and government so the deflationary drag from the requirement of debt repayment would no longer exist on the new money.

So what will play out. Will your checking accounts and savings accounts become worthless because your bank fails and the FDIC cannot step in? Will Federal Reserve Notes have any value if they become the only remaining component of the money supply? Will a banking collapse damage the economy to such a degree that the economy grinds to a screeching halt, resulting in social chaos? Will the federal government try to issue its own greenbacks and will a Wiemar Republic hyperinflation result? Will the federal government even survive?

I don't think you can really know, but the longer the resolution of the debt crisis is pushed into the future the bigger it becomes and the more destructive will be the collapse.

We don't have reliable money. We have been swindled by those occupying the seats of power colluding with the banks to impose upon us an unconstitutional, unstable, unsustainable, predatory monetary system for the benefit of the banks to the detriment of the general public.

Do not automatically assume that the money supply will become worthless from hyperinflation because it could just as easily become worthless from banking system collapse.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.