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Comment: eaberwick - what is your defn of a "few Palestinians"?

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eaberwick - what is your defn of a "few Palestinians"?

your statement of "modern Jews first began inhabiting Palestine soon after WWII" is incorrect.

According to Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe in _The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine_, pp282-4:
1882 25,000 Jewish immigrants began to settle in Palestine, mainly from Eastern Europe
1904-1914 40,000 Zionist immigrants arrive in Palestine, Jews now total 6% of the population
1919-1933 35,000 Zionists immigrate to Palestine. Jews now total 12% of the population and hold 3% of the land
1922 British census of Palestine: 78% Muslim, 11% Jewish, 9.6% Christian, total population 757,182
1924-1928 67,000 Zionist immigrants come to Palestine, half of whom are from Poland, raising Jewish population to 16%. Jews now own 4% of the land
1931 Census shows total pop. of 1.03 million, 16.9% Jewish

When it was over (1948), it took 6 months to complete the mission and more than half of Palestine's native pop., close to 800,000 people had been uprooted, 531 villages had been destroyed and 11 urban neighborhoods emptied of their inhabitants(p xiii)

1.5 Million Palestinians living in Palestine in 1948, hardly could be defined as a "few".

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